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Have you ever been out and about and realized you needed an extra bag? Maybe you were at a garage sale and there weren’t any bags left. Maybe you’ve been at the beach and after changing into your dry clothes you are trying to decide where to put your wet bathing suits. Have you been to the grocery store and forgotten to bring your reusable grocery bags? Need a library bag, but only once a month and don’t think about it until you are already done picking out your books? Wish you would’ve had a bag to put that cute little kitten you found on the side of the road?

The Zip Away Tote was born out of the desire to always have an extra bag on hand and to be able to have it tucked away in my purse or my car. So many times, I have headed into the grocery store and scolded myself for not having my reusable bags. It would've been so convenient to reach into my purse and pull out my Zip Away Tote.


Finished Dimensions:


Closed 5" x 6"


Open 16"L x 5.5"W x 12"H

Zip Away Tote Pattern

  • You will receive digitally:

    1. ZAT Written Tutorial (with How To Videos!)

    2. ZAT with Dimensions

    3. ZAT Ink and Paper Saver

    4. ZAT Projector File